Welcome to the Transportation Page

by Sue Cole


Please read our welcome letter!


If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Transportation Department at (810) 657-9394 ext 114. Thank you.


The following rules for student conduct are necessary to insure the safety of all CPS students and employees. Therefore, all students are required to comply with these rules. Students should remember that the bus driver has complete authority and responsibility to control the conduct of bus passengers while in transit. Any violation may result in the suspension of bus riding privileges.


1. Students must stay in their seats (in a sitting position) when the bus is in motion and should leave their seats only after the bus has come to complete stop.

2. If it is necessary to cross the road after leaving the bus, students should observe the following rules:

- Make sure the bus is completely stopped.
- On leaving, go to the front of the bus within sight of the driver.
- On a signal from the driver, look both ways and then (if safe) proceed across the highway.
- Walk (do not run) in front of the bus when crossing the road.

3, Students are expected to help keep the bus clean and sanitary on the inside. Students who damage the bus in any way will pay for the damage and may lose bus privileges. Any student caught damaging a bus seat will be charged a $50.00 fee to replace the damaged seat with a new one.

4. Students must be at their designated stop five minutes before the bus arrives. After the driver turns off the flashing red lights, they may not pick up any more students at that stop. Drivers may not wait for tardy students.

5. Each student boarding the bus will locate a seat, sit down and stay in that seat until arriving at their destination. Students are required to sit three in a seat when necessary.

6. Students must have permission to ride a bus other than their own. A note signed by a parent and approved by the building administrator is required.

7. Students must not change bus stops without prior permission.


1. actions detrimental to the health and safety of passengers

2. throwing objects within the bus or out of the bus

3 . holding or touching, in any way, the outside of the bus

4 . the use of tobacco, alcohol or narcotics

5 . vandalizing or defacing a bus in any manner

6 . fighting on the bus

7 . using the emergency door except in the case of an emergency.

8 . loud or profane language

9 . extending anything out of the windows (books, arm, heads, etc.)

10. tampering with any mechanism on the bus (including the doors)

11. carrying weapons of any nature aboard the bus

12. eating on the bus

13 . using of radios

14 . lowering of windows without driver permission

15 . "saving a seat" for friends

16 . bringing of animals on the bus (reptiles, pets, etc.)

17 . boarding a bus before it is completely stopped and the door is open

18 . placing objects of any kind in the aisles


Because behavior on the bus is so vital to safety, the following schedule will be used for those who violate bus rules and cause the bus to be unsafe:

1st Ticket (written warning)
Students must return this ticket to the driver with a parent's
signature before riding the bus again.

2nd Ticket (three day suspension)
A hearing will be held with parent, principal, student, and driver.

3rd Ticket (indefinite suspension)
A hearing between parent, principal, student, and driver will
determine the length of the suspension.

4th Ticket
Suspension for the remainder of the school year.

NOTE: In severe cases, when the driver believes lives are endangered, students will be suspended from riding the bus immediately until a hearing can be held with parent, principal, student, and driver.