Alternative Education

Carsonville - Port Sanilac
Alternative Education Learning Center

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Two High School Diploma Paths:

  1. 18 Credits of Core Courses for CPS Learning Center Diploma
  2. 24 Credits for CPS High School Diploma

Three Learning Paths:

  1. Traditional Paper and Pencil taught by our CPS certified teachers
  2. Online courses with mentoring and support from CPS teachers.
  3. A blend of traditional and online courses chosen by you

What makes CPS your best choice:

  • All courses are self paced-- you choose which class you want to work on
  • Our Learning Center is approved for seat time waiver (see below)
  • All students have daily access to a CPS teacher in each course subject
  • All students are provided free breakfast, have lunch in Cafeteria, and exercise in Gymnasium, and can check out books from our library
  • Students can meet with our counselor, special education teacher, and PrincipalCareer Center and Dual Enrollment classes are available

The Learning Center is ideal for 9th-12th grade students who:

  • Want to graduate ASAP
  • Want to be in charge of their own learning or prefer to work independently
  • Have not been successful in a traditional high school
  • Need flexible time for child care, elder care or other family needs
  • Have difficulty maintaining regular attendance



The Alternative Education program is designed to provide an alternative education opportunity for students who did not find the traditional high school structure conducive to allowing for success in the completion of their high school credits.

AAL students can enroll in the Sanilac Career Center Programs that may be of interest for future employment.

Location and Hours of Operation

The CPS-AAL Center is located at the North end of the parking lot of the Carsonville - Port Sanilac High School, 100 N. Goetze Road, Carsonville. Hours open are 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday - Friday. Holidays and snow days follow the Carsonville - Port Sanilac School District schedule. After school appointments can be made with Mrs. Maher. An appointment can be scheduled by calling (810) 657-9394 ext. 170, or (810) 657-9394 ext. 100.

Registration Process

Registration packets may be picked up at the AAL Site or the Carsonville - Port Sanilac High School Office. To request that a packet be mailed to you, please contact Tammy Warczinsky, Secretary at 810-657-9394 ext. 100.


Principal - Michelle Campbell

Head Teacher - Luann Maher

Secretary - Michelle Warren

Program Requirements

In order to ensure satisfactory progress in the Academy, students must:

  • Maintain a minimum of 25 hours of working class-time per week
  • Complete all required assignments and maintain a "C" or better average grade.
  • Complete all mid-term and final exams with a minimum grade of "C" or better average in each subject.
  • Behavior appropriate for a classroom (respecting other student's right to a quiet study environment).

All conditions above must be met for a student to maintain their enrollment in the program. If any student fails to meet the conditions of satisfactory progress, both student and parent(s) will be notified that the student is on probationary status for the following grading period. Should the student not correct the condition within the next grading period, it will be assumed that the parent and student have withdrawn voluntarily from the program.